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  1. Our clients include service companies from the medical, veterinary, financial, engineering and insurance industries. Below we present a description of the project implemented for our client from the engineering industry. During our work, we managed to achieve together:

    Reducing employee turnover by 30%
    Increase in project profitability by 16%
    94% increase in inquiries from new channels (Lin) and Google Ads
    Sales increase by 70%

    Customer description

    Client: engineering company providing specialized services for large manufacturing companies from Poland and abroad, mainly on the German, French and Dutch markets. The company grew from a small 2-person office to 80 engineers in 7 years at its peak. The company's financial condition is very good, but this year it lost its main client and began the restructuring process.

    The main problems with which the company reported to us:

    - acquiring new customers

    - organizing the organizational structure and adapting the company to future sales levels.

    The first steps we took in cooperation:

    We started the project with an analysis of the sales area. In the company, the owner and a two-person team were responsible for sales. Salespeople also participated substantively in engineering projects, which meant that their sales capacity was limited by over 30%.

The introduced solution: For a period of 3 months, we experimentally separated the sales team from the projects.

We redefined sales processes in a system that was in the company, but which sales used occasionally. We limited the owner's role to the final phase of the process. The company had, but did not use, its LinkedIn profile for promotional and sales activities.
Together with sales and digital marketing experts, we have developed strategic directions for the coming months. The client's team and the company owner received training and workshops on activities in the LinkedIn channel.
Together with the client, we also developed a new concept of a motivational system for the sales team, which included not only sales itself, but also post-sales service for the end customer.

During the project, we identified problems that arose during the company's development:

Project settlement and calculation method

We have noticed that the calculations do not take into account many activities necessary to implement the project, for which, in our opinion, the final client should also pay. In the next contract, the client accepted these costs, which were included in the calculation separately.


We have implemented better time tracking tools and combined analysis results with budgeting. The company received more precise data for project settlement and the ability to create better projections of costs and revenues for subsequent periods.


Our HR business partner started cooperating with the company on a permanent basis. The company adapted its organizational structure to the changes. She introduced corrections in project management, expanding the competences of team leaders who underwent a number of training courses. This streamlined the flow of projects and allowed us to reduce the number of complaints and corrections from customers by 42%. HR activities, periodic interviews and systematic optimization of HR processes resulted in a 30% reduction in employee turnover.

Measurable effects achieved:

We have been cooperating with the company for another year, here are some of the joint successes we have achieved:

Reducing employee turnover by 30%
We have implemented budgeting and a transparent ability to plan projects
Increase in project profitability by 16%
94% increase in inquiries from new channels (Lin) and Google Ads
Reducing complaints and design corrections by 42%
Sales increase by 70%

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