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The demand for high-calibre experts is growing year on year and the demographics are absolute - we have fewer and fewer candidates per job.

Our experts and their teams adapt to the needs of the market and provide full outsourcing of competence areas at our clients.

If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.


In many companies, certain areas, e.g. accounting, human resources, legal services, were delegated outside the permanent company structures. We are currently seeing a trend where other areas are being delegated to external experts. We actively participate in this trend, seeing that the classic form of employing a full-time specialist is less profitable for the client. Instead of going through a tedious (and often unsuccessful) recruitment process, the client immediately receives support in the selected area. In addition, it not only takes over the competences of a specialist, but also, if necessary, related services. In the case of the financial director, this is:

- external controlling department

- advisory support from experienced accountants

- tax advice

- experts in raising capital

and many others as needed.

We provide services:

- external financial director

- external HR director

- external sales manager

- external head of marketing

- interim manager

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